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Katana on Sale

Discover our stunning katana collection, perfect for enthusiasts and collectors alike. Don’t miss out – explore our range and elevate your collection today.


Real Katana

Our philosophy is to only offer real Katanas for sale that have been made by our master smiths in our Forge. You will find in our online store Katanas in Damascus, carbon steel and all traditional Japanese steels.

All our swords are designed in Japan and forged in a province in China with over 2000 years of history in forging. Our passion for the Katana and Japanese culture is immense, and we hope to share it with you as authentically as possible through our website.



Expertly Handcrafted - Using time-honored techniques, each sword is carefully forged by hand and individually designed in homage to tradition, culture, and craftsmanship.



Should Katana Have Hamon ?

The Hamon is the temper line that separates the sharpest part of the Katana from the softer part. The blade is coated with a unique clay mixture that will allow the blade to heat up differently and achieve a higher HRC hardness for the blade's edge. This is a crucial step in forging the Katana and the Hamon is an indicator of the authenticity of your Katana, as all Katanas have a Hamon line. The Hamon line is then revealed more fully during the stone polishing process, which allows for a sharp blade and the full detail of the Hamon to be seen. A real Katnana always have a differentially tempered blade that let appears the famous Hamon.

How to sharpen a Katana?

There are 4 main steps to sharpening a Katana:

Shaping work using an uchigumori stone to remove rust and scratches.

The blade is then passed over progressively smaller and finer stones in an effort to remove the marks from the uchigumori stone.

Hazuya stones glued to traditional Japanese paper are then used in order to remove the microscopic scratches that are left from the previous polishing.

Finally a Jizuya stone is used and rubbed on the surface of the blade, this is a long process done until the stone wears out.

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Typically, it takes about 1~3 business days for preparing your order. Once shipped, It will deliver continental US orders in 7-10 business days. International shipping times vary based on the destination.

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