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NB katana

Katana Sword Handmade High Carbon Steel

Katana Sword Handmade High Carbon Steel

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Handmade by our sword-smiths.
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King of Thieves manga around the katana handmade boutique anime knife - Solon - Ten Habu Habu Chop - handmade version of high carbon steel, 560, number, 020875371360, the famous knife "Ten Habu Habu Chop", ranked twenty-one work of the great quick knife, the sheath has a flower-like carved pattern The tsuba is three-flap shaped, and was made by a famous swordsmith from the former Wakuni country. Mitsuki Goten one of the swords, Goten has been using the weapon since childhood, and Goten's other famous sword "Yama" as a pair to use, Kaido's X scar is caused by Goten using this pair of knives.


Blade Material: high carbon steel, hand-ground, made of pick

Overall Length: 103cm

Blade Length: 71cm

Blade Width: 3.2cm

Handle Length: 26cm

Blade Thickness: 0.75cm

Sheath Material: solid wood baking lacquer

Weight: 1.5kg

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